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Argonite RV-4

Argonite RV-4




Small trucks
Basic data from   to
Width (in mm) 145 235
Tire section (in %) 60 80
Size (in inch) 12 17
Load index 84 121
Speed index R H
Rolling resistance C E
Wet grip A B
Noise level 72 72



  • Höhere Kilometerleistung
  • Hervorragender Schutz des Gehäuses und der Seitenwand vor Beschädigungen durch Hitze und Stöße
  • Verbesserte Widerstandsfähigkeit, Stabilität und Handhabung

Profile description

Argonite (RV-4) – this pattern stands for high velocity truck tyres for light trucks with a weight of up to 3,5 tons.
It has high endurance values, stability, aqua-planning protection and a low noise level. This series is equipped with sidewall protection and is available for speeds up to 210 km/h. On top comes a good product/price-ratio.

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  • LI = Load index,
  • SI = Speed index,
  • XL = XL Tyre,
  • RFT = Run Flat Tyre,
  • RR = Rolling resistance,
  • WG = Wet grip,
  • NL = Noise level (in dB),
  • NC = Noise class,
  • POR = Professional off-road tyre

LLKW Sommer Argonite-RV4

2156017C109/107T B C 722
1757516C101/99R B C 722
1857516C104/102R B C 722
1956016C99/97H B C 722
1956516C104/102T B C 722
1957516C110/108T B C 722
2056516C107/105T B C 722
2057516C113/111R B C 722
2156016C103/101T B C 722
2156516C109/107T B C 722
2157516C116/114R B C 722
2256516C112/110T A C 722
2257516C121/120R A C 722
2356516C121/119R A C 722
1957015C104/102R B C 722
2056515C102/100T B C 722
2057015C106/104T B C 722
2156515C104/102T B C 722
2157015C109/107T B C 722
1756514C90/88T B C 722
1757014C95/93T B C 722
14512C86/84R B E 722
15512C88/86R B E 722