Dimax Four Seasons

Die Dual Compound Technologie
erhöht den Grip bei allen Wetterlagen.

Der Winterspezialist von Radar
beeindruckt durch ein ausgereiftes Profildesign
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Dimax R8+ | Ultra High Performace

Dimax R8+




Basic data from   to
Width (in mm) 225 315
Tire section (in %) 30 55
Size (in inch) 17 26
Load index 95 118
Speed index V Y
Rolling resistance B E
Wet grip B C
Noise level 71 75


  • Precise handling even at high speeds
  • Safety on dry and wet surfaces
  • Covers a wide range of vehicles


  • High performance compound
  • Precise handling
  • Low noise level

Profile description

The Dimax R8+ is the new summer ultra high performance tyre within the Dimax-family. This pattern has especially been developed for vehicles with high top speeds and offers the ideal mixture of wet and dry handling characteristics.

Please click on the desired row in order to download a tire label for a certain size.


  • LI = Load index,
  • SI = Speed index,
  • XL = XL Tyre,
  • RFT = Run Flat Tyre,
  • RR = Rolling resistance,
  • WG = Wet grip,
  • NL = Noise level (in dB),
  • NC = Noise class,
  • POR = Professional off-road tyre


Breite QuerschnittDurchmesserLISIXLRFTRRWGNLNC
205401788YXL E B 722
205451788YXL E B 722
205451784WRFT E B 712
205501793YXL C B 722
205501789WRFT E B 712
215351884YXL E B 722
215451791YXL C B 722
215501795YXL C B 722
215551798YXL C B 722
225302085YXL E B 722
225351988YXL E B 722
225352090YXL E B 722
225351988WXLRFT E B 722
225451794YXL C A 722
225451791WRFT E B 712
225501798YXL C B 722
225501794VRFT E B 712
2256017103VXL C B 712
225601799W C B 712
235351991YXL C B 722
235401895YXL C B 722
235451797YXL C B 722
245302097YXL C B 722
245351993YXL E B 722
245352095YXL C B 722
245401795YXL E B 722
245401998YXL C B 722
245401994YRFT E B 712
245451799YXL C B 722
2454518100YXL C A 722
245451896YRFT E B 712
255352097YXL C B 732
275302097YXL E B 732
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