Dimax R8+

Ultra High Perfomance Tyre

Dimax 4 Season
Allweather Proof
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Dimax R8 | High Performance

Dimax R8




Basic data from   to
Width (in mm) 205 275
Tire section (in %) 30 60
Size (in inch) 17 20
Load index 84 103
Speed index V Y
Rolling resistance C E
Wet grip A B
Noise level 71 73


  • Precise handling at high speeds
  • Safe roadability on wet and dry roads
  • Fuel saving and low noise level


  • Asymmetric profile design
  • Four wide grooves
  • Modern silica-compound

Profile description

The Dimax R8 is the ultimate summer tyre of the Radar-family. This pattern series has been developed for medium and large sized vehicles and offers the ideal mixture of traction, precise handling and driving comfort. This pattern is available in a wide range of sizes for passenger cars and off-road vehicles.

Please click on the desired row in order to download a tire label for a certain size.


  • LI = Load index,
  • SI = Speed index,
  • XL = XL Tyre,
  • RFT = Run Flat Tyre,
  • RR = Rolling resistance,
  • WG = Wet grip,
  • NL = Noise level (in dB),
  • NC = Noise class,
  • POR = Professional off-road tyre


Breite QuerschnittDurchmesserLISIXLRFTRRWGNLNC
205401788YXL E B 722
205451788YXL E B 722
205451784WRFT E B 712
205501793YXL C B 722
205501789WRFT E B 712
215351884YXL E B 722
215451791YXL C B 722
215501795YXL C B 722
215551798YXL C B 722
225302085YXL E B 722
225351988YXL E B 722
225352090YXL E B 722
225351988WXLRFT E B 722
225451794YXL C A 722
225451791WRFT E B 712
225501798YXL C B 722
225501794VRFT E B 712
2256017103VXL C B 712
225601799W C B 712
235351991YXL C B 722
235401895YXL C B 722
235451797YXL C B 722
245302097YXL C B 722
245351993YXL E B 722
245352095YXL C B 722
245401795YXL E B 722
245401998YXL C B 722
245401994YRFT E B 712
245451799YXL C B 722
2454518100YXL C A 722
245451896YRFT E B 712
255352097YXL C B 732
275302097YXL E B 732