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Dimax 4 Season
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Rivera Pro-2

Rivera Pro-2




Basic data from   to
Width (in mm) 135 225
Tire section (in %) 45 80
Size (in inch) 13 16
Load index 70 102
Speed index T V
Rolling resistance E E
Wet grip C C
Noise level 70 72

Profile description

The Rivera Pro-2 is a touring tyre, which has been made for small and medium sized vehicles. This pattern series is a combination of visual design, good handling values and enables the vehicle for a comfortable and quiet ride.

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  • LI = Load index,
  • SI = Speed index,
  • XL = XL Tyre,
  • RFT = Run Flat Tyre,
  • RR = Rolling resistance,
  • WG = Wet grip,
  • NL = Noise level (in dB),
  • NC = Noise class,
  • POR = Professional off-road tyre

PKW Sommer Rivera Pro-2

Breite QuerschnittDurchmesserLISIXLRFTRRWGNLNC
175651482H E C 702
175651486HXL E C 712
175701382T E C 702
175701484T E C 702
175701488HXL E C 712
185601482H E C 702
185601584H E C 702
185601588HXL E C 712
185651486H E C 702
185651588H E C 702
185651592HXL E C 712
185701386T E C 702
185701488T E C 702
195601486H E C 712
195601588H E C 712
195651591H E C 712
195651595HXL E C 722
195651595VXL E C722
195701491T E C 712
205551691V E C 712
205601591H E C 712
205601595VXL E C 722
205601692H E C 712
205601696VXL E C 722
205651594H E C 712
205651599VXL E C 722
205701495T E C 712
205701596H E C 712
215601695H E C 712
215601699VXL E C 722
2256016102VXL E C 722
225601698H E C 722